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Mushroom Carbonara (vegan)

Mushroom Carbonara (vegan)

An easy lunch that will have you licking the plate.

A little fun fact about me: before I was vegan, meat was my least favorite, making my decision to go plant-based an easy one. Yet, one thing that I was extremely fond of, like most people, was cheese.

Yup, you heard me.

But, I mean, that’s nothing ground-breaking. Dairy is actually the most common thing that people have an extremely difficult time cutting out of their diet, for whatever the reason may be. Whether you find out that you’re lactose intolerant, or just decide for you health that you would like to omit dairy from your diet, most people find it to be quiet difficult to go cold-turkey on the milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and everything else. And I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but cheese is very very addictive, mostly because it contains casomorphins - which is a fancy term for proteins found in dairy that cause your brain to react the same way as if it were on narcotics or some other addictive narcotic.

How about THEM apples?

But that’s not even the end of it - cheese and dairy is simply everywhere. Most foods in any restaurant are slathered in cheese in a way that can’t even be omitted without the dish feeling dry or tasteless. So, many people get discouraged from even trying to go dairy free, or quit trying. But why should that be the case? Many people simply think of it as too hard, but if they were to look a bit further, they may be surprised to find a dish that catches their eye and is totally dairy-free.

So, today I wanted to share my creamy pasta that is made without any diary, and is just as delicious and rich as any other pasta at Olive Garden - maybe even more.


Mushroom Carbonara


3 cups pasta

3 cups sliced mushrooms

1 cup peas

3/4 cup plant milk

2 Tbsp flour

1/4 cup water

1 tsp salt

1/4 cup nutritional yeast

1 Tbsp oil


In one pot, boil your pasta. In a large pan, sauté your mushrooms with the water, oil, and salt. Let it simmer for about 2-3 minutes, and then once the mushrooms have cooked down a bit and gotten a golden brown color, add in the flour. Let that cook for a minute before adding the milk, peas, and nutritional yeast. Let everything simmer for another 2-3 minutes, and once the mixture is thick enough, add in your cookies pasta. Let everything mix and cook together for a minute or two, before taking off the heat. Serve right away or enjoy cold.

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